Grown in Local Gardens

The produce used in your True Fare meals is Certified Organic and grown on local (to us!) Georgia farms.

We tour their fields and get to know these farmers, supporting their better growing practices.

Your True Fare meals are sourced just as carefully as they’re prepared, so you can be proud of where your food comes from.

Locally-Sourced Whole30® Meals, Nationally Delivered



Grass Fed & Finished Beef, Free-Range Poultry


Gluten Free, Grain Free, Legume Free, Lactose Free with NO Refined Sugar


Responsibly Sourced protein from trusted farms. Antibiotic Free.


Hand picked, locally sourced, organic vegetables

Sourced from Farms We Trust

We take pride in our proteins, and in seeing how they’re raised. Our local farming partners rear their animals with care. We know because we’ve visited! We use Organic Chicken, Grass-Fed and Finished Beef, Heritage Breed Pork and Naturally Free-Range Turkey. No hormones, antibiotics, or GMO feeds. We know that sourcing matters, so you’ll always find the farm listed alongside ingredients in your True Fare meals. That’s true transparency.

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THE BEST KEPT SECRET - CLAs Grass fed beef has more conjugated linoleic acid, which is a type of fat that helps prevent heart disease and the risk of cancer. LOWER CALORIES Because grass fed beef is more lean due to a better diet, it has better fats and less calories....

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At True Fare, we are passionate about only using the finest quality ingredients... NO IFs, ANDs, or BUTs ABOUT IT! That is why we use Plainville Farms as our go-to source for turkey. Experts in farming and humane practices since 1835, Plainville Farms has fine-tuned...

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The Turnip Truck :: Our Local Produce Source

We have a wonderful partnership with The Turnip Truck of Georgia who pulls in the best organic produce from different local farms. Below is some information on some of the great farms we get our produce from. East Georgia Produce, Bartow, GA Established in 2009, East...

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